Nike Jordan Zoom 92 x Union Guava Ice

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For Chris Gibbs, owner of UNION LA, basketball culture has a direct line into streetwear. This latest round of footwear from the ongoing Jordan x UNION LA partnership was designed to illustrate that line by acknowledging the feeling and emotion of Jordan beyond the arena. It continues an effort by both brands to capture a holistic view of the late ’80s and early ’90s that were defined by advertising, music, street style—and yes, a few magic, competitive moments.

The new Jordan Zoom ’92 was perfect for Gibbs’ collection, who saw it as a composite articulation of Jordan and streetwear history. “The Zoom ’92 is a potpourri of past Jordan and Nike designs”, says Gibbs. “I love how it all came together”. The silhouette features design elements inspired by three footwear icons that MJ wore in 1992: the Air Jordan 7, Air Max 180 and Air Force 5. The distorted layering of the AJ7 is suggested in the split across the upper, creating a layered transparency that provides detail and perceptual depth. A “9” badge inspired by the AJ7 appears on the moulded patent heel, while visible Air technology and material elements inspired by the AM180 and AF5 can be seen on the forefoot and around the eye stays.