Nike Jordan 5 Retro x Off-White (BLACK)

29,900.00 ฿


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Lensed through nostalgia yet designed with the typical Virgil stamp, the Off White Jordan 5 is undoubtedly one of the most awaited releases from All-Star Weekend, proffering interesting materials in the guise of the “Black Metallic” 5s the designer himself remembers as his very first pair of Jordans. However, the collaboration is most certainly far from home in terms of its aesthetic, with the core constructions removed in favor of a thin synthetic — much of the padding along the ankle coming off right with it. Typefaces continue to spell out the Beaverton office in bold next to the signature zip tie, with newly added motifs taking the form of circular outlines along the side and even the tongue, sections that Virgil would like you to cut fresh out of the box. Grab one more look at these right here and be sure to tune into our Off White Jordan 5 store list to secure your set.