Fragment x Pokemon Thunderbolt Project Pikachu Plush

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The longstanding project between Pokémon and Fragment dubbed “THUNDERBOLT PROJECT” is set to continue as Hiroshi Fujiwara took to his Instagram earlier in the week to tease new Snorlax plush dolls.

The plush toys are dressed in all black velvet materials with small white embroidery accents for the gentle monster’s upward-facing teeth. Four sizes are available ranging from a palm-sized attachable plush to a bean-bag-sized figure. All Snorlax figures are designed upright, and Fujiwara revealed that the toys will be available sometime in 2022. As previous Thunderbolt Project drops have featured the Pokémons Pikachu, Mewtwo, and Psyduck, Snorlax is a new introduction to the lineup with more sure to be announced.

H8 x W5 inch

H19 x W11 inch